Children of Freedom – Comic Strip

Children of Freedom - Comic Strip

Everyone is someone’s stranger.

“We lost the war so quickly… From London a general launched an appeal for resistance, while Pétain signed the surrender of all our hopes. On March 21, 1943, I was eighteen years old and I finally had a pipe to get in touch with the resistance. Not ten minutes ago, my name was still Raymond. Now my name is Jeannot. Jeannot without a name. Their names were Raymond, Claude, Charles, Émile, Boris, Jan, Catherine, Damira, Sophie and Osna.

Screenplay: Alain Grand & Marc Levy
Drawing & Color: Alain Grand

Type : Comic strip
Publication date : 2013/09/25
EAN Paperback : 9782203059207
Publishers : Casterman / Robert Laffont, Susanna Lea Associates

What readers are saying


“Alain Grand brings this true story to life with great finesse and sensitivity.”

Paris Normandie

“Marc Levy adapted his most intimate novel with the help of Alain Grand, who brought it to life through his drawings.”

Liberté Hebdo

“A sober, sharp depiction which brings out all the strength of this story.”

Marc Levy, photographie de David Ken

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