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The Symphony of Monsters

La Symphonie des monstres - Cover

Veronika, a nurse, comes home to discover that her nine-year-old son, Valentyn, has disappeared. She is distraught ? as is her daughter, Lilya ? they have no idea where Valentyn has been taken or why.
They each embark on a quest to find him ? Lilya with the bold recklessness of an adolescent, Veronika with the fearless determination of a mother. But the enemy have eyes and ears everywhere and no one can be trusted. Almost no one.
Hundreds of miles away, behind the scenes, a brilliant and stubborn outlaw is working to help them find Valentyn. Together they will have to confront this Symphony of Monsters, a real-life project that is more terrifying than fiction.

Couverture - La Symphonie des monstres

Marc Levy

Marc Levy

Dear Readers,

I'm delighted to welcome you to my website!

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  • "A blend of Millennium and James Bond"

    RTL, Bernard Lehut
  • "A novel that reads like a TV series. The characters are magnificently drawn, with their flaws and their past lives. There's no downtime. This fabulous storyteller knows how to keep the reader on the edge of their seat."

  • "An adventure and espionage novel. Made for the screen? The characters are fantastic, immediately likeable."

  • "Fast-paced, it speeds along like a gripping TV series? Moving, intelligent and political? A nail-biting thriller which makes you want to join these modern-day Robin Hoods."

  • "A gripping journey into the lives of nine hackers facing off against powerful, monied, and ill-intentioned men. It's strikingly truthful, stirringly humane. What an intelligent novel!"

  • "It grabs you ? for these present-day Robin Hoods, the fearless, brilliant heroes that we love from the first pages on. It's unputdownable."


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