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C'est arrivé la nuit - Cover

A gripping, immersive thriller set in an underworld of international political manipulation and corruption - and a band of vigilante hackers joining up to save democracy (and their own lives).
The first installment of a series entitled 9.

  • "Marc Levy has written an ambitious work of art. A blend of Millennium and James Bond"

  • "A fast-paced novel which speeds along like a gripping TV series? Moving, intelligent and political. Bring on Volume 2!... A nail-biting thriller which makes you want to join these modern-day Robin Hoods."

    Le Parisien
  • "An adventure and espionage novel. Made for the screen. The characters are fantastic, immediately likeable."

  • "A cinematic novel. The choppy chapters, cliff-hangers and chase scenes unravel like an episode of Mission Impossible."


Marc Levy

Marc Levy

Dear Readers,

I'm delighted to welcome you to my website!

Here you will find information about my books in France and internationally. There are also answers to your questions under the "Q&A" tab.
Photo albums and videos are available on the various pages.

And of course you can write to me at "Contact Me".

I will reply personally (although it might take a little while).

Very best wishes,


Recent books

PaperBack - Ghost in Love

They have three days to get to San Francisco.

Three days to fulfill the promise of a lifetime

What would you do if a ghost suddenly appeared in your living room, And asked you to do the unthinkable-so that he could fulfill his last wish?

Would you be ready to drop everything and pack your bags, no matter how crazy it seemed?

And how about if this ghost was your father...?

Thomas, a piano virtuoso, embarks on a whirlwind adventure, with the ghost of his father: A life-changing journey to make up for lost time and a chance encounter...

In the tradition of Frank Capra and Billy Wilder, Ghost in Love makes you want to believe in the unbelievable.


  • "The new Marc Levy tugs at our heartstrings from the first page to the last. We may all know that ghosts don't exist in real life, but we go along for the ride -and laugh, often with tears in our eyes. This is a joyful and tender novel about the father-son relationship."

    Le Parisien
  • "Light and funny, Marc Levy's newest is reminiscent of the Golden Age of Hollywood's greatest comedies. The reader will relish in its most hilarious moments. Beyond pure comedy, this novel has a personal touch, one that lies beneath the surface of many of Levy's books - that of his father's shadow."

    Agence France Presse
  • "Funny and moving. It's the story of the love between a man and a woman, and a father and his son. It's about love and belonging - it takes us back to the fundamentals."

    Europe 1
  • "A book dedicated to parental and filial love."

    France Info
  • "A magnificent conversation between father and son. I loved it, and I'm not the only one!"

    C à Vous, France Télévisions
  • "This novel has the light elegance of some American comedies... Funny, lighthearted, yet thoughtful -it's pleasant to be haunted by this ghost in love."

    La Voix du Nord
  • "A daring, lighthearted and moving comedy about love and the father-son bond. Full of unexpected situations, and smart and stirring dialogue."

    RTL Radio
  • "It's lively, funny and serious all at the same time, as Marc Levy makes the reader think about their own relationships with their loved ones, about that unspoken love."

    Mattheiu Marin, Ouest France
  • "The author lets us share in a father/son relationship through dynamic, crazy, funny dialogue. This new book mixes emotion and humour effortlessly."

    Le Progrès
  • "A really endearing ghost story. Marc Levy summons the supernatural and builds a story you really want to believe in."

  • "A funny, moving journey of discovery."

    Nikos Alligas
  • "A poignant father-son road movie. It's the book to bring in summer."

  • "This ghost story, so modern, is a real fairy tale for grown-ups. It's light, joyful, full of optimism."

    Tele Z
  • "This novel opens the door to those internal conversations that you never got to have with those who have passed on."

    Midi Libre
  • "An imaginative story, in the vein of his first novel, If Only It Were True. But more than anything, a good reason to talk about father-son relationships."
  • "Funny, tender, fantastic, the new Marc Levy novel is perfect for the holidays."

    Tele Loisirs
  • "Marc Levy signs off on a tender and comforting twentieth novel."

    Télé 7 Jours
  • "Marc Levy?s new novel warms the heart. Ghost in Love promises a triumphant adventure."


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