Marc Levy

Finding You, TV series

  • Producer/Director : Miguel Courtois
  • Release Date : 05/06/2008

When Miguel Courtois (director/producer) confided in Marc his desire to bring Will You Be there? to the big screen, Marc did not hesitate for a second. The two have been friends for a long time, and their ability to work well together allowed the project to move forward very swiftly. After some reflection, they decided that the best format to relate the story of Philippe and Suzanne would be a television series.

Franck Philippon was commissioned to write the screenplay, and Miguel Courtois directed four episodes of 52 minutes each, with Elsa Lunghini, Cristiana Reali and Philippe Bas in the lead roles.  

Marc, who had his acting debut in the film Feroce, was convinced by Miguel to take a cameo role, a role that he could step into quite naturally...
He joined the crew in the Dominican Republic for three weeks of unforgettable filming.
Marc then flew back home to London and left the cast and crew to finish shooting in Paris.                                          
Will you be there? was broadcast by M6 in June 2008. The dvd was released on the 6th of May 2009.  



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