Marc Levy

Just Like Heaven

  • Producer/Director : Mark Walters
  • Release Date : 02/11/2005

The manuscript for If Only It were True had just been signed by Editions Robert Laffont when it was presented in manuscript form by Susanna Lea at the Frankfurt book fair in 1999, where it created a commotion. Several film studio representatives, in search of a new success, were immediately seduced by this "modern day fairy tale".

Ultimately, it was Dreamworks who beat out the competition. Marc learned the news when an agent called him from Los Angeles at 3:00 am to announce a phone call from Steven Spielberg. Marc didn't believe it, everything had happened so quickly ; he put down the receiver, turned his phone around, and told himself that if it was in the same position when he woke in the morning, then he hadn't been dreaming.

A few phone conversations soon followed, then a meeting in the fall of 1999 in New York with the father of E.T., who was taking an active role in the development of the film.

If Only it Were True became a cinematic reality in 2004. The film -- entitled Just Like Heaven -- was produced by Steven Spielberg, directed by Mark Walters, and starred Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo.
Marc visited the set in Los Angeles to meet Lauren and Arthur.


Just Like Heaven opened at number one at the box office in the United States upon its release, and was released in France at the end of November 2005.


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