Marc Levy

Country : France
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Published Date : 24/04/2014

How far should we go in our insatiable quest for happiness?

Philadelphia 2010, the first day of spring.
Agatha has just escaped from prison. After thirty years behind bars, she only has a few left to go. So why escape now and risk everything?
At a gas station near the university campus, Agatha climbs into Milly’s car and obliges her to drive across the country. Milly acquiesces but little does she know what Agatha has in store for her. . .

Although a generation apart, Agatha’s infectious thirst for life not only shatters Milly’s routine, but makes her rethink the quiet existence she always thought she wanted. During the course of their journey, they share dreams that never fade and revisit loves that never die.
The two women spend five days together on the open road, and a series of encounters from the past brings them closer to Agatha’s secret.

How far should we go in our insatiable quest for happiness? What hopes should we never give up? In this novel, Marc Levy reaffirms our unconditional need for freedom and sheds light on a chapter of American history.

Author's biography - Marc LEVY

Marc Levy was born in France on October 16th, 1961. When he turned eighteen, he joined the Red Cross, where he spent the next six years. In parallel, he studied management and computer programming at Paris-Dauphine University. In 1983, he created a computer graphics company based in France and the United States.

Six years later, he lost majority control of the group and resigned. Starting again from scratch, he returned to Paris and co-founded an interior design and planning company with two friends; the company soon became one of the leading office architecture firms in France.

At thirty-seven, Marc Levy wrote a story for the man that his son would grow up to be. In early 1999, his sister, a screenwriter (now a film director), encouraged him to send the manuscript to Editions Robert Laffont, who immediately decided to publish If Only It Were True. Before it was published, Steven Spielberg (Dreamworks) acquired film rights to the novel. The movie,  Just like Heaven, produced by Steven Spielberg, starring Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo, was a #1 box office hit in America in 2005.

After If Only It Were True, Marc Levy began writing full-time. All of his novels have hit the top of the best-seller list in France. They are also very successful internationally and are consistently on the bestseller list in several countries including Germany, China, Italy, Russia, and Spain.

If Only It Were True, 2000 (adapted for film in 2005)

Finding You, 2001 (adapted for television in 2007)

Seven Days for an Eternity, 2003

In Another Life, 2004

If Only It Were True 2, 2005

London Mon Amour, 2006 (adapted to film in 2008)

Children of Freedom, 2007

All Those Things We Never Said, 2008.

The First Day, 2009

The First Night, 2009 (the sequel to The First Day)

The Shadow Thief, 2010

The Strange Journey of Mr. Daldry, 2011

Replay, 2012

Stronger than fear, 2013 

Another Idea of Happiness, 2014

Elle & Lui, 2015

Hope, 2016

The Last of the Stanfields, 2017

Une Fille Comme Elle, 2018


His latest novel, Ghost in Love, will be published in France on May 14, 2019.


The combined sales of Marc Levy's seventeen novels, translated into 49 languages, have surpassed the 40 million copy mark worldwide. Marc Levy is the most read French author in the world. (Source for all rankings and figures: Ipsos/Livres Hebdo/Le Figaro)

Marc Levy has also written short stories and directed a short film for Amnesty International, Nabila's Letter, screened in March 2004. In addition, he has written song lyrics for various artists including Johnny Hallyday.


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