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Marc Levy is the most-read contemporary French author... His nineteenth novels, translated into 49 languages, have sold more than 45 million copies worldwide. The diversity of his novels, much-loved characters, the journeys that he takes us on, the humor of his dialogues, and the depth of his stories have all brought his readers together, touching millions around the world. Steven Spielberg (DreamWorks) acquired film rights to his first novel, If Only It Were True, before it was even published. Starring Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo, the movie, Just like Heaven, was a #1 box office hit.

Other novels, such as Finding You, London Mon Amour, and Children of Freedom were adapted for television, cinema, or graphic novels.
Another Idea of Happiness, All Those Things We Never Said, and The Shadow Thief are currently being adapted for the screen in India, China, and the US.

Appearing frequently at the top of international bestseller lists, his novels have enjoyed exceptional success in such countries as Russia, China, and Vietnam.

International press

"Simply magical." - New York Post (USA)

"A gripping journey around the world... Enthralling." - La Stampa (Italy)

"This debut by a Frenchman, bien sûr, is summer's most romantic read." - Glamour (USA)

"Levy's novels captivate you. It's impossible to break out from under [his] spell." - Bild am Sonntag (Germany)

"Marc Levy's novels are entertaining and wonderful." - La Vanguardia (Spain)

"Great writers can create excellent stories from ordinary life, since common experiences and feelings are not often easy to express. Marc Levy is truly a great writer." - Beijing Youth Daily (China)

"We must take our hat off to Marc Levy... He's not afraid to discuss serious issues and to experiment with genres and subject matter." ? Expert (Russia)

"Breathtaking." - Gente (Italy)

"A great read, for men and women alike." - Buchjournal (Germany)

"Marc Levy is a master of emotions." - Augsburger Allgemeine (Germany)


Foreign Covers

Seven Days for an Eternity
Germany - Droemer Knaur

All Those Things We Never Said
Korea - Yolimwon

If Only It Were True 2
Greece - Modern Times

In Another Life
Brazil - Bertrand Brasil

The First Night
Serbia - Laguna

The Strange Journey of Mr Daldry
Vietnam - Nha Nam

Finding You
Vietnam - Nha Nam

London Mon Amour
Spain - Roca Editorial

Turkey - Can Yayinlari

Azerbaijan - Qanun

Elle et Lui
Croatia - Stilus Knjiga

Le voleur d'ombres
Indonesia - PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama

Another Idea of Happiness
Azerbaijan - Qanun

The Strange Journey of Mr Daldry
Turkey - Can Yayinlari

Finding You
Spain - Ediciones B Bailen

If Only It Were True
Latin America - Roca Editorial

La Dernière des Stanfield
Poland - Sonia Draga

Une Autre idée du bonheur
Bulgaria - Colibri

If Only It Were True 2
Portugal - Editora Pergaminho

All Those Things We Never Said
Lithuania - Alma Littera

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