Veronika, a nurse, comes home to discover that her nine-year-old son, Valentyn, has disappeared. She and her daughter Lilya are distraught. They have no idea where Valentyn has been taken or why.

They each embark on a quest to find him – Lilya with the bold recklessness of an adolescent, Veronika with the fearless determination of a mother. But the enemy have eyes and ears everywhere and no one can be trusted. Almost no one.

Marc Levy, photographie de David Ken

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Latest books

Illustration d'avion

Day in and day out, Jeremy stands on the ship’s deck, looking out towards the ocean, dreaming of a better life. Adèle is intrigued by the young man she sees from the ship’s porthole.

Adèle had heard tales of people who meet the love of their life at the right time, or at the wrong time, of couples who love each other until the end, of those who love without ever being able to act on it, of those who think “I’ve ruined everything”, and yet…

Discover the 9 series

It Happened at Night, Twilight of the Beasts and NOA

Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely… Well actually, no, it’s not.

From Oslo to Kyiv, Madrid to Rome, this is the story of 9 cyber outlaws working together, behind the scenes, to tackle corruption at the highest echelons of international power. At a time when the very notion of truth is under attack, and democracies are being sabotaged, these 9 hackers take on Big Data, oligarchs and autocratic dictators in masterful feats of cyberwarfare. These brave heroes will stop at nothing to uncover and foil the most insidious threats of our time. Even if it means putting their lives at risk.

Marc Levy, photographie de David Ken

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